Theatre Club Donation

$ 500.00

Support the Sundance Institute Theatre Program with a philanthropic gift. This additional support plays an essential role in funding the futureof the Sundance Institute Theatre Program. This contribution is fully tax deductible and directly and immediately influences our work in the following ways:

$500 – Each gift at this level provides a one week honorarium to a Theatre Lab fellow.
$1,000 – Each gift at this level covers the cost of hiring an actor to participate in a Lab.
$2,500 – Each gift at this level allows an artist to travel to an international Theatre retreat. 
$5,000 – Each gift at this level fully covers the cost of a fellow’s Lab experience.
$10,000 – Each gift at this level enables 150 New York City community members from underserved backgrounds to attend a Sundance supported theatre performance through Sundance Tickets Night.

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